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The current adminstration in Washington has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement on climate. The agreement was signed by nearly 200 nations and ratified by about 150 of those nations. The agreement is non-binding, but it is the an important effort that addresses the climate crises faced by the whole world.

Hundreds of organizations and government officials have joined a movement to defy Washington, originally called WeAreStillIn. The group of States, the United States Climate Alliance, includes 13 States and Puerto Rico. The following Montana elected officials are committed to this effort.

Also, 28 legislators and 8 city/county officials sent a letter to Governor Bullock asking him to commit to "firm, quatitative, and verifiable reductions in statewide greenhouse gas emissions." Bullock is mentioned as a supporter of the agreement due to his vague statements, but Montana is not currently a member of the Climate Alliance.

We are circulating a petition asking Governor Bullock to join the hundreds of mayors and other State governors who already signed on to this commitment. We are asking Montana residents to participate by signing and circulating the attached petition to propagate the message of this effort.

Below are links to documents on a petition to Governor Bullock regarding the Paris Agreement on Climate. Download the documents and circulate them to gain signatures on the petitions. Signed petitions should be returned to the specified address.

Petition Document Links

The petition itself is two pages with the second page for signatures. The completed petition for delivery to Governor Bullock will include multiple copies of the signature page. The other document is a flyer explaining why the petition is important. It appears in both html and pdf format.

Petition Implementation

Following is a suggested process for circulating this petition. This is an unfunded effort and its success depends soley on efforts by volunteers. We hope that several Montana residents participate in gathering signatures for for delivery to Governor Bullock in the fall of this year. Thank you for your participation.

  1. Download the petition and "Why Paris" documents.
  2. Print both documents.
  3. Print extra signature pages.
  4. Gather signatures.
    • Signers need only be Montana residents. They do not need to be registered voters.
  5. Prepare signature pages for collection.
    • Please include name, address and email of collector on separate page.
  6. Return signature pages to following address by Oct. 15.

P.O. 1355
Superior, MT 59872

Global Temperature 1850 to 2016

The image below demonstrates the temperature increase from 1850 to 2016. It links to an animation that shows the growth of the world temperture.

Animation link ↓ Global Temperature Animation